At this time KC, is 100% owned by David Black of Victoria, BC. Work is underway to form an owner syndicate including experienced pipeline and refinery businesspeople and corporations from Canada. Before construction occurs, major oil companies, including a refinery operating company, will likely purchase shares.

David Black has spent most of his life in BC. He has lived in small towns and large, served on a wide variety of local and provincial committees and boards, and travelled throughout the area continuously. He owns 60 newspapers in BC and understands its uniqueness as well as anyone. He has developed the KC project knowing that the average BC voter is more environmentally concerned and probably more ecologically literate than persons in other provinces. He has spent time with BC First Nation leaders over the past 35 years.  He understands and sympathises with their difficulties in dealing with proponents of major projects at a time when treaties are still being negotiated and unity between First Nations is still being developed. He is personally against shipping bitumen in tankers when there is a value-added opportunity for Canada that avoids doing so. And he recognises the need for clarity and specifics that satisfy those who are worried about detrimental effects from the project. He and his family have the same deeply felt environmental and economic improvement beliefs that others do in the province.