Other Construction


  • Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Pipelines to the Marine Terminal – three 18 inch lines
  • Marine Terminal on Douglas Channel
  • Railway – existing CN Railway
  • Tote Road from the Douglas Channel to the refinery site
  • Electrical Power – onsite generation of 420 megawatts as a FT by-product
  • Fresh Water – 125,000 barrels per day sourced from wells and 125,000 from the FT process
  • Waste water handling, recovery and reuse facilities
  • Construction camp and related utilities

Gas Pipeline
It is anticipated that KC will partner with an existing gas pipeline LNG proponent. This will reduce its share of the capital cost of the line from $2 billion to $1.5 billion.

Tanker Fleet
VLCC tankers will be used to transport the refined fuels to markets around the Pacific Rim. VLCC’s, which carry two million barrels per ship, have never been used before to deliver refined fuels because they are too big for many ports. In this case two specially constructed terminals in Canada and China will be built to accept them. Also the tankers will be powered with LNG which will be produced nearby at Kitimat. LNG is less expensive and better environmentally than Bunker C oil.